Welcome to 11 Ranch!

What Started out as a Hereford Ranch has Slowly but surely made some changes and has grown some Color and Horn! We started our Longhorn Journey looking for simply yard art and that Quickly turned into an addiction to the breed. While we still own Herefords we have dove in feet first with our longhorn herd and have not looked back. Although we are new to longhorns we understand cattle and are committed to Developing and breeding the best Texas Longhorns as Possible. We Love the horns but our Goal is to breed for the Total Package, from Confirmation to Maternal Traits and everything in between. We understand the time is takes to develop the standards and we aim to invest our time and money for the breed to succeed. We Look forward to the future of this breed and the breeders we have met and will meet along the way. Please feel free to drop by and visit our ranch any time you are in Northeastern Oklahoma.